Come on down to Kendale Pawn and have a look at our New and Used guns now in stock. Keep in mind that our inventory changes daily. We carry a wide selection of hand tools, power tools, golf clubs, musical instruments, electrical test equipment, and much more.  
Buy. Sell. Trade.

New & Used Gun Sales in Sanford, NC

We carry a huge selection of New and Used Guns in stock. Ruger, Kel-Tek, Smith & Wesson, Sig-Sauer, Glock, Taurus. Largest selection in the area of rifles, shotguns, and pistols!
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Over 37 Years in Business

Kendale Pawn was established in 1980 by James Johnson. We have been serving Lee County for over 37 years, and take great pride in our local roots. Our first store was opened in Kendale Plaza and moved to our current location of 2715 Lee Ave. in 1988.  It was at this time we also opened Tara's Jewelry where quality jewelry is guaranteed.  Please enjoy our online shopping, or stop in a visit

Our pawn shop has an amazing selection of fine gold jewelry, electronics, tools, musical instruments, and much more!

What is a Pawn You Ask?

A pawn is a cash loan for collateral. Unlike an outright buy, a pawn gives you the option of reclaiming your merchandise.

You bring us an item of value. We loan you cash. 

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You pay us back plus a small fee.You pick up your goods. We will also buy your items outright if you don't want them anymore. However, if you want the option of keeping your stuff, then a pawn is the answer. Our pawn shops are the best source for fast cash loans because we pay more than the competition, and because we treat you with respect and care.

If it has a Value to it then we probably can do something with it.

If you don't need a cash loan (pawn), and you just want to sell us something, we'd be happy to buy it. You walk out with cash in your pocket and less clutter in your home.

Have you upgraded your TV (LCD, Plasma), gaming system (Xbox 360, PS3, WII, PSP), jewelry or anything else? If your old stuff is still in decent shape, don't throw it away! Sell it to us! We will buy anything of value.

And remember that we buy gold including scrap gold and broken gold!