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What to Do If Something Is Stolen From You

  1. File a police report immediately.

    Timely filing could determine whether or not you recover your property.
    Provide a complete description of the items (including serial numbers).

  2. Contact the detective that works with the local pawn shops.

    The reporting officer should be able to give you this information.

  3. Ask the detective to alert the pawn shops of your items.
  4. If the crime took place in another city, file a report with the local authorities there.
  5. Don't waste valuable time checking with each pawn shop individually.

    Instead, check the various businesses that do not report to local law enforcement, including:

    • Flea Mall / Flea Market
    • Jewelry Stores
    • eBay /
    • Thrift Shops
    • Second Hand Stores
    • Collectibles and Antique Dealers
    • Used Sporting Goods Stores
    • Buy Only Stores
    • Gold Party Buyers
    • Gold & Silver Buyers
    • Whole Jewelry Buyers
    • Police - Property & Seizure Department
    • Consignment Shops


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