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All of our staff is helpful and knowledgeable. They can help you with all your needs.

Founder Jimmy Johnson (JJ) Retired

JJ started the business in 1980 and worked until he retired in 2003. Although he does not come in to work anymore, employees and customers alike have many fond memories of working with him. He spends most of his days working on the "farm" and just relaxing and enjoying life!

Owner/Manager Johnny Whiteside

Johnny has been with Kendale pawn since 1983 and full time since 1986! WOW....That is a LONG time! Another 30 years and he might actually retire!

Darrell Hilliard - Retired







Darrell was with Kendale Pawn for the last 16 years.  He came to us after many years of service at Sears!  And it seems everyone in Sanford/LeeCounty knows him!  Although he is retired from KPS now we still consider him a part of our family!

Randy Whitaker

Randy Has been at the Pawn Shop since 1997 working both full time and part time.  He Works the counter and handles all the online listings and sales!

Kay Melby

Kay.....She has been here a VERY long time...since 1990 (that is 20 years any way you look at it). She works at Tara's Jewelry section but will help out in the Pawn Shop if needed.  She went to part time beginning in 2015.

Dan Reeves

Dan started at Kendale Pawn in 2004 when he got tired of working for a living and needed to slow down in life. Now he works part time and stays on vacation full time.

Sam Stalls

Dan Parker

Dan Parker.....what can we say about him....He has been with the Pawn Shop since 2003 working Mondays and Wednesdays when he is not working at Sanford Fire Department.

Mike Cotten

Mike is another "retired" person who got tired of being retired and came to work for us in 2008. He only works a couple days a week but that was about all he "worked" when he was full time at Ft. Bragg!

Shot'em up Wilson Meyers

Wilson comes to us having retired from both the NC Highway Patrol and the Lee County Sheriff Dept. He has been here several years and works whenever the Bossman needs guns or working the counter......

Chad Deal a/k/a The Badger

Chad likes hanging out at the Pawn Shop doing what ever the boss asks him to do. He also drives the Boss man crazy making the boss stay busy!

Billy Thomas

Billy retired and like Mike got tired of staying at home working on that honey do list!  He decided to come back to work with us in 2012.  Billy worked with us years ago for several years.

Store Hours

Monday - Friday 9am tll 6pm

Saturday 9am till 4pm

2715 Lee Ave.

Sanford, NC  27332

Contact us

Phone 919-774-7195

Email [email protected]

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  • "Very knowledgeable about guns...excellent service...great staff...Love to do business with these caliber of people........."
    Joseph Baker
  • "Johnny and his staff contiue to show their true professionalizm...they go that extra mile to give the best service possible... I have bought several guns from them and will cont..."
    Joseph Baker
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